5 Dec 2014

About X2 - Cross To Group

X2 is an international lifestyle brand founded by Entrepreneur Anthony McDonald. The group has a range of design and lifestyle businesses covering hotels, resorts, villas, branded residences, yachts, planes and cars. The brand is built on concept of accessible luxury, with an emphasis on Design, Style, and Simplicity. Anthony brings these concepts to industries and businesses in a way that is refreshing and appealing to a global consumer group that is searching for stylish, affordable luxury products and services. Redefining luxury, he is hoping to provide clients the opportunity to “Cross To (X2)” a new concept of luxury ….one by design. Unpretentious and understated, the X2 brand is down to earth and real….just like its customers.

X2 provides a totally new experience for the guest. An experience that is designed to satisfy both spirit and soul. Our brand breaks out from traditional design concept, looking for new style and design, redefining luxury in completely new terms. Our staff are real, there is nothing fake about their attitude, service or friendliness. X2 guests get the luxury of enjoying complete freedom without any restriction. We go beyond the 5 star concepts and offer unparalleled design and services. X2 offers 5 star luxuries by design. X2 appeal to people who appreciate style in a genuine, pure sense.

About X2 - Anthony McDonald