13 Jul 2015

Reef Snorkeling

Thailand is famous for its miles of pristine, sandy beaches where people spend a day on lounging on the seashore. But just offshore, underneath the aqua-blue and always clear at high tide, you will find beautiful tropical multi colored coral and fish of all shape and sizes that many dream to see. Make sure if this activity is on top of your list, that you consider Nakha island, Koh Yao, Koh Kai, Koh Mai-ton, Bamboo island, Phi phi island, Koh hae or Coral island, and Koh Hong, which are well know for their under water experiences. For those of you that are not a big fan of swimming in the sea, we provide you with the best quality life jackets and snorkeling gear giving you the best experience you deserve. Snorkeling gear are provided on all of our fleet so you don’t need to worry, we will be fully equipped and ready to provide you with the gear any time you feel like exploring the underwater world.

X2Yachting - Reef Snorkeling
X2 Yachting - Fishing


It is well known that fish are constantly in search of cooler waters, making October to March the ideal time to go fishing in Thailand. If fishing is your passion, both Phang Nga Bay and Koh Racha are perfect locations and our captains know exactly where to find them. Typical catch include are small eatable Yellow Tail although large fish including Barracuda, Pomfret, Tuna, Pompano, Queen fish, King Mackerel, Groupers, Cobia, Snappers and Sailfish are sometimes caught. One interesting way to fish in those areas that only the local know is to use fresh uncleaned squid or live fish as bait, depending on the day, current and the general weather conditions. Be ready to catch your dream fish and again our staff is here if you need anything or any information.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Want to take some time off and paddle your way out in the ocean and get more intimate with the numerous islands sea life and exercise all while tanning, kayaking would be a must and let you reflect while floating on the turquoise sea water. We offer high quality kayaks and would be more than happy to provide them to you. Enjoy paddling around some of the island shores on calm flat water with an excellent view of the surrounding areas to get a closer look at the island.

X2 Yachting Kayaking Canoeing
X2 Yachting Banana Boat

Water Activities and Sports

Your excursion will not be complete, especially for those of you looking for some adrenaline, without trying our water sports. We offer water skiing, wakeboarding and Banana boats. Make sure when considering doing these that we do offer it with the suitable charter. Whether it is the first time you try or an experience individual, our captain will give you expert tips at no extra cost. Both Wake Boarding and Water Skiing can be available on all of our charters at an additional cost and there is no better way to enjoy it than off the back of a luxury yacht. The Banana boat is probably the all time favorite for kids and the yacht will have one or more of these fun-filled toys for all the family to enjoy. If this is not enough, you can hire a super Jet Ski to accompany any charter for the whole day with unlimited fuel for only 9,500 THB.

Bride and Groom Day – Pre Wedding Photos

There is no better backdrop for luxury weeding photos than a luxury yacht on crystal blue waters. Take the perfect photographs for your special day and celebrate you’re your romantic wedding day photos from sunrise until sunset. Whether it be casual nautical wear or formal wedding attire, Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay provide a once in a life time photo opportunity.

X2 Yachting - Activities-Bride and Groom Day-Pre-Wedding Photos
X2 Yachting - Sunset Cruises

Sunset Cruise

Take a deep breath let go of whatever is stressing you out, look at the horizon and watch the sunset. Enjoy your time with our welcome champagne or red wine on board. Appreciate the beauty of nature, spend the time with your special ones, and create a remarkable memory. There is a reason why the worlds millionaire all own yachts, so take a sunset cruise and find out why this experience is so highly loved.

Scuba Diving

If snorkeling isn’t yet answering your needs of the ultimate yachting trip, then we have the solution. If you are a person that loves to explore the world under the water, scuba diving is a must to unlock your underwater dreams. The Andaman Sea is the best spot to dive in Thailand, including famous islands of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Racha, Koh Rok and Etc. An abundance of sea life, beautiful corals, and reefs hide under the clear blue water in The Andaman Sea. Our yachts can accommodate a small diver group of 4-6 people for Shiraz and Merlot and 4-10 people aboard Chardonnay.

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X2 Yachting-Party on board

Party on board

If you are wanting a party with a difference, then X2 yachting has the ultiamte party experince afloat. Our fleet of luxury yachts, with 5 star hostess services can arrange personalised parties and events for any sized group from 2 people to 80 (using 3 boats). The crew can set up and decorate the yacht for your party in the way you want it to be. Unforgettable and a once in a life time experience, a X2 yachting party is a magically time.

Corporate Party

Everyone deserves a big celebration to reward themselves for hard work. X2 Yachting can provide your team success or annual party the perfect venue. Escape the boring hotel room or restaurant and host your party aboard one of the luxury X2 Yachts, as a small group of 10 – 15 people and larger groups up to 20-40 people per boat. Looking for luxury and comfort; Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay are exclusively designed for VIP travellers, who like to travel in style with luxury interior decor and full air conditioning, makes you feel of luxury and exclusivity of the day. If the group is bigger than 40 people, 1 yacht may not be enough for everyone. We can arrange up to 3 yachts in the same trip. Catering is personalized for each event or party to match the exact requirements of the group.

X2 Yachting Shiraz Prow

Overnight Cruises

There is no doubt that a days sailing the admans seas is a world class experience. The only things that can surpse it is the opportunity to enjoy that under the cover of a star filled sky. With beautiful and calm anchorages throughout the gerneal cruising grounds, it is amoung the best cruising you can experience in the world. X2 Yachting has 2 choices of standard overnight cruises: “2 days 1 night” and “3 days 2 nights” The yachts can accommodate from 4 up to 6 passengers, or even more if some passengers are happy to sleep on sofas, or on deck. All of our yachts are fully air conditioned, big bed rooms, toilets and bathrooms, kitchen and huge open lounges. The boats are fully crewed with hostess, captain, and engineer. The fleet can cruise up to Coral island, Similans Island, Koh Rok, Koh Racha, and famous Koh Phi Phi. All meals are provided for if you choose not to eat at the many ocean front resorts and restaurants found in the Andaman cruising grounds.

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